About Us

IFC was founded as a partnership in 1999. There are two general partners, Karen Bower and Deborah Shawley, who oversee all operations. The agency was incorporated in 2002.

All licensed services are provided in accordance with regulations set forth by the Department of Public Welfare’s Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) and inspected annually. IFC’s Director of Developmental Programs and Waiver Coordinator are charged with insuring continued compliance with ODP and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Waiver Requirements.

As of 1/1/11 IFC provides the following services

  • Community Home Residential Habilitation, Licensed
    ->  IFC opened its 1st home in July of 2001
  • Day Habilitation, Licensed
    ->  IFC opened a licensed ATF in Orbisonia in the spring of 2001. The ATF moved to its current location in 2009.
  • Home and Community Habilitation, Unlicensed
  • Respite, Licensed Out-of-Home
  • Family Living Home Residential Habilitation, Licensed
  • Behavior Support

Administration :