Welcome to IFC Services

IFC was a partnership designed to provide innovative treatment interventions, education, counseling, preventive strategies, and mediation service to the public. In 1999 Individual Family, & Community Services (IFC) was founded by two social workers who each have over 30 years experience working in the human service field. Having worked “in the system” for many years, they formed their own agency to provide value-based services that focused on supporting the goals of the individual and truly making a difference in their lives.

Over the years, we have focused our services to the IDD/MH community providing Licensed Community Home Residential Habilitation, Licensed Day Habilitation, Unlicensed Home and Community Habilitation, Licensed Respite, and Behavior Support.
IFC offers alternatives to individuals and provides services that are individual and family focused. As a local provider, our administration understands the needs of the region and has a strong desire to improve the quality of life of our neighbors, friends and residents of the community. IFC is committed to hiring quality staff and maintain staff consistency by offering competitive wages, on-going training, supervision, and using a team approach in decision-making processes.

We are social workers who have assembled a group of dedicated and caring people to form a unique agency with a special mission of ensuring that each person we serve has the chance to realize their fullest potential… No matter what the obstacle and no matter what the challenge.

" We care. We provide quality services with compassion, skill, effectiveness, results, and most importantly… with respect "

IFC wants to enhance services to individuals and families by providing individualized services based on a treatment plan mutually developed by the individual, family, referring agency, other service providers, and IFC. Services are designed based on the values of supporting individual choice, respecting each family’s uniqueness, understanding and promoting cultural diversity and responding in an ethical, compassionate manner.

IFC believes in, and supports, the philosophy Everyday Lives and using positive approaches, person centered planning, self-determination and individual choice. We have a philosophy of respecting the choices of individuals and providing adequate information so individuals can make informed choices. We value input of the family support system and believe in working collaboratively with the family and other partners.

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